Our Lab

Welcome to the Han lab! We are a lab that works hard and plays hard, that values communication and relationships, and where mutual respect and trust is how collaborative work is conducted and deadlines are met. We push technological and conceptual frontiers, and we value perseverance and commitment over quick results. The Han lab loves making novel observations and debates over data, and are open minded about where the data may lead us ... often to new and exciting places. We are proud of doing bold science, love scientific competition, and when our ideas work out, revel in being the first to discover new concepts. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, cultural and otherwise, and love sharing common activities and good food. We are a fun and exciting lab, so poke your head in!

Upcoming Event

Han Lab Curry Day, TBD

Lab Tour Gallery

Our facility houses state-of-the-art instruments to enable cutting-edge technology in magnetic resonance spectroscopy field.

Lab Tours

  • Welcome to the Han Lab
  • Han Lab Tour
  • Lab Tour of Instruments
  • Heading to Lab
  • Morning Routine
  • Kan's Routine in the Magnet Lab
  • Miranda's Work in the Han Lab

Activities Gallery

We don't just do science. We actually do have fun like any other normal human beings, just in an abnormal way.