Video Materials

Tutorials by Han Lab

  • 2020 ZOOMinar: Asymmetry in Electron Spin Polarization and Coupling Drives CE and Thermal Mixing DNP
  • 2020 IES Virtual EPR Meeting: The Role of EPR Detection in Deciphering DNP Mechanism
  • 2020 CCEI Workshop: Solid-State NMR - Toolkit for Catalytic Material Characterization
  • Dual NMR-EPR Detection in an Ultra Low Temperature DNP Spectrometer | Kan Tagami | Session 37
  • Theoretical Understanding of MAS Dynamic Nuclear Polarization | Dr. Asif Equbal | Session 14
  • Songi Han-Asymmetry in Electron Spin Polarization and Coupling drives Cross-Effect and TM DNP
  • DNP Enhanced NMR spectroscopy reveals news sites in a P-modified zeolite catalyst | What exactly is spin ? | Sheetal Jain and IIya Kuprov

Research Highlights

  • Pulse Shaped Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Under Magic Angle Spinning
  • Crossover from a Solid Effect to Thermal Mixing 1H Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with Trityl-OX063
  • Research Overview

Tutorials by Others

  • Fundamentals of MAS DNP NMR and Recent Developments | Dr. Monu Kaushik | Session 1
  • NMR in Metals: Knight Shifts, Overhauser DNP and Applications | Dr. Michael Hope | Session 2
  • Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Genesis and Metamorphosis | Prof. Sami Jannin | Session 3
  • DNP in Materials Science: Touching the Surface | Dr. Pierrick Berruyer | Session 4
  • Practical Aspects of Fast MAS Solid-State NMR | Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama | Session 5
  • Lower than Low: Introducing Zero- to Ultralow-Field (ZULF) NMR | Dr. John Blanchard | Session 6
  • Dissolution DNP towards Clinical MRI | Prof. Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen | Session 7